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postheadericon Beginner Guitar Chords: The First Step to Mastering the Guitar

A lot of people want to learn how to play the guitar. Really, who doesn’t? The crowd admires someone who knows how to play really well. acoustic guitar There can be many reasons as to why someone wants to learn how to play really well. Some want to do it for fame or fortune, or both. Some would do it for fun, others for the love of music, to perform for someone special, and etc. So what’s do you need to learn how to play really well? For starters, the best thing to tackle first is learning how to play beginner guitar chords.

If someone wants to learn playing the guitar, the first thing he/she must learn is the basics. Chords are fundamental to songs. Learning to play a song with a guitar is essentially learning the fundamentals of a song. Therefore, chords are the most significant thing to learn and focus on when learning to play the guitar. As a beginner, the focus should be on learning how to play the beginner guitar chords. These are combinations of notes that are always used by both beginners and advance players. Beginners must master playing and switching these combinations in order for them to be able to play more advanced songs later.

The first thing beginners usually learn are the Open Chords. Although these are very basic guitar chords, this doesn’t mean that learning them is quite easy. Mastering these beginner guitar chords requires hard work, but with constant practice you should be able to play them without any problems quickly.

Open chords are chords that contain at least one open string of the guitar. There are two main flavors in music; the Major and Minor chords. The guitar has five open major chords. These are the C, A, G, E, and D chords. Arranging them to form the word ‘CAGED’ makes it easier to remember the name of these chords than when they are arranged alphabetically. All of these chords are major chords. These are the chords you need to imprint into your brains as these chords are the most basic yet common guitar chords around. What these chords have in common is that they all have the root as the lowest note in terms of pitch. The root or which is also known as the tonic is the first note of the scale.